Classic Funeral Services are proud to be able to offer a wide range
of Funeral Services and are dedicated in providing the
highest standard of care at a reasonable cost.
Pre Paid / Pre-Arranged Funerals

Classic Funeral Services are pleased to be able to offer this Pre Paid / Pre Arranged Service at an additional cost of $195 for administration fee. By pre paying / pre arranging a funeral, you are ensuring that your wishes are carried out and relieving loved ones of the responsibility at a difficult time. It allows you to have the funeral service and memorial that you want and you can fix all the major costs at today's prices.


This can be done with absolute confidence and security as your money is held in a special trust fund set up by Foresters Friendly Society


Your money will remain safe and secure until it is needed
Your memories, which may be so painful now, will soon be a comfort
to your heart and, in time, will become treasures.